Chef to Player (Original)

We will add new NFTs as we go along, and they will be sold at a fixed price in $MFF :

  • Commom : ~0.05BNB

  • Uncommum : ~0.1BNB

  • Rare : ~0.2BNB

  • Epic : ~0.5BNB

  • Legendary : ~1BNB

We will add some chest each season (at the end of the tournament) in the marketplace at a fixed price in $MFF :

  • Classic : 0.2BNB

  • Legendary : 0.8BNB

Player to Player (Community)

Each player will be able to resell their NFTs on the marketplace at the price they think is best.


You can also sell your NFTs at auction:

  • Starting price set by the seller

  • The duration is set by the seller (choice between 1 and 5 days)

  • With each new offer, the auction is extended by 2 minutes


You can rent your NFT cards for a $MFF token for 1 season.


On every sale there is a 5% charge on the final price:

  • 2.5% for the seller (First Owner or Chef)

  • 2.5% for the platform including :

    • 1% add to liquidity

    • 1% add to buyback plan (phase 2)

    • 0.5% add to reserve & treasury


All NFT football players below are available in the colour of your chosen club (excluding legendary)

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