Play to Earn (P2E)

The Mafiafoot game renews and evolves the P2E concept. Playing and developing your club and your players will allow you to earn money.

Use case : how to make money?

  • In tournament : win the tournament, earn the bonus

  • In marketplace : buy, sell, rent your NFT

  • In building : Develop your stadium, restaurant, parking, sponsor, shop and hotel, and earn more $MFF

How is the P2E system financed ?

50% with the network fee, with each BSC transaction you pay for the operation of the network (payment of the nodes) but also a commission for Mafiafoot. A part of this fee is allocated to the P2E system.

50% with different fees in the game for example:

  • Tournament registration (to be paid at the beginning of the season)

  • Staff salaries (to be paid at the end of the season)

Transparency and adjustment

At the end of each season, we will communicate on the P2E statistics (fees received, redistribution, balance). Indeed we want to be transparent and give as much as possible to our community.

It is likely that there will be adjustments after each season to find the best possible balance.

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